Hi. I'm Scott.

I’m a content creator who has turned a hobby for creating great web content into a thriving career. Mixtre Media is the parent company I built to contain it all.

Written Content

I write approximately 20,000 words per month for my entire portolio of blogs. It’s a sickness, and there’s no hope of recovery.

Video Content

Video content is just as important to me as written content is, so sometimes I make a fool of myself with a video camera.

Digital Products

In order to stay as diviersified as possibe, I am continuously building out my catalog of useful digital products.

This is one of the things
that I do best 

Driving fun cars and filming the experience is something that puts a huge smile on my face. Here I am doing a road trip in my 2012 Ford Mustang GT (while thinking about my next piece of content of course)…

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Say Hello

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about me or the things that I do. Let’s chat!